How to Remap the Caps Lock Key in Windows

To remap any key in Windows, you need to make certain changes to the Windows registry. Since this can be intimidating to most users, there are tools available that let you map one key to another without fiddling with the registry.

Sharpkeys and Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator are popular programs that perform key remapping but I prefer ScanMapSet since it requires no installation and once the required keys have been mapped, you can just delete the utility.

  1.  Download the scanmapset.exe file and put it in, say, c:\temp folder.
  2. Open the Command Prompt in Windows as an administrator (video tutorial).
  3. Switch to the temp folder (using cd) and run the following command.
scanmapset.exe -s capslock=lwindows

Restart your Windows computer and the CAPS lock key will now function as a Windows key. 

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